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Pseudoarchaeological and New Age beliefs about Lemuria have been promoted in books by
An immersive inter-galactic MMORPG. Fly from planet to planet to build your HQs, mining for unique resources. Explore planets to capture species, train them and upgrade them ready for PVP real time battle arenas.
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The Overlord’s minions. These badass lizards have infiltrated the highest echelons of society.. here to rule earth and invade galaxies!
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These guys crazy as hell
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Intergalactic savages grown in a genetic lab by the enemy of the state. Coming to a chain near you shortly...
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The number above makes this text look super offical and important but just like the majority of what we’re writing is not and is simply here to waste as much of your time as possible. Mwah, mwah, mwah.
OG Creepz

@CBCreepz family is really the strongest community in the space right now. Start up feeling with tremendous energy. WAGMI. Blue chip material. Been there since day one and not going anywhere...

Lady Loomi
OG Creepz

thank you so much to my @CBCreepz fam for the birthday wishes 💚🦎✨ and everyone else too 😂🥰 i’m 32 and ready for #creepz to moon 🚀🌚 #loomify

Jacob C
Creepz holder

Tough couple months for me. Thank you to all you @CBCreepz for keeping my head on straight. I love all of you and you ARE the best the world has to offer.

OG Creepz

Customizing our own ID lizards with openable trait packs is still by far the greatest experience I have had in NFTs. I have been a community member in many large projects, @CBCreepz continues to...

New Creepz

Just bought my first @CBCreepz 🦎Super excited to be a part of this community, probably the best community I’ve seen in the web3 space 💚 #CreepzStrongerTogether #creepz

OG Creepz

you might be a @cbcreepz checklist💬 your word is your bond🤝 you value relationships over fiat🪚 you believe in hard work over hype🦎 when you see the future, you mint it...

New Creep

Just bought another @CBCreepz off the floor! I’ve only been in the community since yesterday but I can see their passion for the project. Only 113 listed right now out of a 11,111 collection...

OG Creepz

Turned 25 today… extremely thankful for another day of life, my family/friends and thankful to my fellow @CBCreepz for showing me an amazing community with an incredible team that shows nothing but love 🖤...

NFT / Alpha report

We have dedicated project channels for the #nft brands we love and can’t stop talking about.One of these is @CBCreepz , the community loves what @dom3xyz and @jo3car are building 🕯...

Crypto Influencer

Did you know @CBCreepz has 11,111 total #NFTs and there are only 120 that are available to buy 🦎 that’s approximately only 1% of the whole collection available👀

Mortal MumuringsLight a candle for you know who
Cursa bruv
(first crowdfunded creep)

I honestly don't know what the fuck to say... @CBCreepz is the best fucking project I have ever witnessed. The whole fkn community came together and got me a Creepz Genesis for 3 fkn eth, Im shocked... Love...

OG Creepz

Live footage of the @CBCreepz community organizing a crowdfund to get a great community contributor their first Genesis. @dom3xyz @jo3car #dontsleeponcreepz And welcome to @OfficialTravlad

Floor Daddy


Money Mitch
OG Creepz

They don’t call #creepz the most active and wildest NFT community for no reason! Diamond handers 💎 less than 1% #CreepzGenesis listed for sale from a 11.1k collection. Probably Nothing…🦎 The devs...

BAYC Hodler

Never seen a community as strong as @CBCreepz Makes me super bullish #Creepz #BAYC #NFT #NFTCommunity

NFT Reviewer

Today @CBCreepz announced a strategic partnership with @threesixzero to turn the NFT project into a global brand. While most projects beg for likes and retweets, @dom3xyz and @jo3car have built...

Brooklyn Beckham
OVERLORD worshiper


OG Creepz

@CBCreepz continues to push the boundaries of what an NFT project is capable of doing. If you haven’t had a chance to check out their roadmap I highly recommend doing so.Creepz has more potential than...

OG Creepz

Beyond NFTs, @CBCreepz is a family.A family that I am blessed to have and be apart of. Always and forever @CBCreepz @dom3xyz and @jo3car … Well done.The most amazing founders in the...